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MilAir Spotters Network

04/17/14 20:29:33 UTC
128.325 MHz
Unk situation - Air Wisconsin 2738 with ZBW CAM-39 discussing options for diverting aircraft or returning to KBTV. The controller offered his personal condolences.
04/17/14 20:22:03 UTC
282.2000 MHz
FANG 1 flight of 2 w/ZJX climing to 15,000' (air-air 234.800)
04/17/14 20:20:00 UTC
322.4000 MHz
FANG 1 w/JAX app.
04/17/14 20:17:39 UTC
314.0500 MHz
unid aircraft, female calling targets. possible W-470 activity
04/17/14 20:15:03 UTC
282.2000 MHz

MilAir Frequency Updates

04/17/14 11:46:24 UTC
326.4000 MHz
JTAC Quantico VA area range
04/17/14 11:45:33 UTC
323.7000 MHz
Range Control Quantico
04/14/14 15:15:52 UTC
305.775 MHz
Air to Air used by F-16's from Ft worth Texas in the Brownwood Texas MOA's
04/14/14 13:04:07 UTC
136.6500 MHz
04/14/14 13:00:02 UTC
136.8000 MHz
04/14/14 12:58:55 UTC
136.5750 MHz
04/14/14 12:57:47 UTC
136.8500 MHz

MilAir Callsign Updates

04/17/14 16:08:51 UTC
04/14/14 19:25:31 UTC
thunderbirds support aircraft from travis afb
04/14/14 19:22:59 UTC
team support aircraft , travis afb ,
04/14/14 13:07:35 UTC
KC-135R 128th ARW WI ANG General Mitchell AGB Milwaukee WI
04/05/14 18:24:37 UTC
03/22/14 02:50:30 UTC
headed back to beale afb from redding
03/18/14 22:34:28 UTC
redding california . on atc freq

Welcome to the best source for MilAir information.
I've been a SWL'er, Scanner Enthusiast, and Military Air Communications hobbyist since 1976. My mission statement is to bring the world of radio to as many people as possible. This is where you can learn to set up a listening station and get started in the exciting world of radios.

If you would like to learn more about me, see a picture of my station, please Click Here. This might give you some ideas of how you can improve your station.

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Build A Portable Aircraft Radar System that Fits in your Car
I've assembled the parts, the software (all free & not customized) and in a few hours had myself a functioning standalone Mode-S / ADS-B Mapping system on a 7" TFT screen. This was built using a cheap RTL-Dongle, Raspberry Pi computer, and a 7" TFT Touchscreen display. If you wanted you could put this in a small enclosure and mount it in your car. First came Car Radios, then Mobile Scanners, and now a Mobile Aircraft Radar System for your car!
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Use a Raspberry Pi to Broadcast Internet Streams to Your FM Radio
In this project I'll descripe the steps to turn your Raspberry Pi computer into a low power FM broadcast transmitter. The must useful aspect of this project I've found was to broadcast online scanner streams to an FM radio so I can listen anywhere in the house. Works great with & streams.
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Scanner Audio Controller using Raspberry Pi Computer - An NCS-3230 Multi-RX Replacement
These are my notes on building a Scanner Audio Control system based on a Raspberry Pi using a 7" TFT Touchscreen display. This system will be the equivalent / replacment of the famed National Communication Solutions NCS-3230 Multi-Rx system that I've been using for years.
This article was updated 3/30/2014 with more info and videos
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HAVEQUICK Military Radio System: What it Is, What it Isn't + Frequencies & Video
In this article I hope to give you a better understanding on what the Military HAVEQUICK radio system is, how it works, and what it's not. Also included is a frequency listing for the HAVEQUICK frequencies used in the United States as well as a video / audio of an AWACS TOD (Time-of-Day) signal.
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Streaming Scanner Audio Daytona Beach Police
Daytona Beach Police Live Audio Streaming now OnLine. I'm streaming the Daytona Beach PD Talkgroups including Dispatching, Tac Groups, Vice, and a few others.
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Updated 3/13/2014 Streaming Your Scanner Audio Using a $35 Raspberry Pi Computer without Using Your Main Computer!
Have you ever wanted to stream live scanner audio but didn't want to tie-up your main computer? If so, then this project is for you! This project uses a $35.00 computer, USB Soundcard, and wifi connection to stream your scanner audio to any Icecast server. Since its a small computer (slightly larger than a credit card!) and wifi, you could sit this computer ontop of your scanner anywhere in the house where you can receive a wifi signal from your router.

Update 3/13/2014: I just successfully connected 2 USB Sound Cards and streamed 2 different scanners via the Raspberry Pi. This info has been added to the article.
Click Here for FULL STORY

Cheap SDR Dongle Connected to a Raspberry Pi Computer for a Self-Contained Audio Streaming Device
I put together this device so I can stream audio over the internet without dedicating a "real" computer to the process. It is a stand-along system I'm still playing with but making progress. I've written an article on how you can build and use one as well.
Click Here for FULL STORY

Self-Contained $100 Aircraft Radar System using the Raspberry Pi Computer and Dongle
After recently getting a Raspberry Pi Computer I wanted to make use of it somehow in the Scanner/Aircraft monitoring hobby. I successfully connected a cheap $20 TV Dongle and Wireless Wifi adapter to the USB ports of the Raspberry Pi Computer. With a little playing with software (all available free online) I am able to log into the Pi via any wireless device and view the decoded Mode-S data. Cool first project for those interested in the Raspberry computer!
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USAF Thunderbird Flyover Comms at Daytona 500 Race
These comms were recorded on 235.250 MHz, Thunderbird Control frequency. You'll be able to hear the pilot of Thunderbird 7 located somewhere at the track talking to Thunderbird 1 in order to get the timing of the flyover perfect. You'll hear him say "we're 4 seconds early" meaning the person singing the National Anthem was going to finish 4 seconds early, and of course the Thunderbirds made the adjustment....just amazing!
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Build your own ADSB Mode S Antenna for about $7.00
In October 2013 I wrote an article Your Own $20 ADSB Aircraft Radar System I just added an article on how you can double your reciption range of your original system assuming you were using just a normal scanner antenna. Took about an hour to build, test and install with a total cost of $7.00
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Recorded Audio from Possible NASA Flight Testing? Callsign PROJECT
For the last two days I've run into what sounds like flight testing on 229.000 MHz. Yesterday an aircraft, callsign PROJECT, started with a cuban eight maneuver then called remaining fuel. He did a total of 10 maneuvers, each time calling out fuel. Then he was done. Today same aircraft was talking about 'max roll', talking about reviewing tapes, and a lot of talk about gimbels. I believe this is a frequency used by NASA, and I"m about 30 miles north of Kennedy Space Center.
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Movie of Typical MilAir Scanning in Central Florida (Daytona Beach)
This was today (02/06/2014 around 9 AM) just a small sample of UHF Military Comms heard here in Central Florida. For those who are running out of things to hear on the Public Safety bands due to encryption, give MilAir monitoring a try, far less encrypted stuff! What you're seeing and hearing on the scanners in the video is really a typical day. There are many times I run out of scanners. currently 12 in the shack, 8 scanners in full time search mode, the BCT15x scans a few banks of freq common to the area.
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Fleet Area Control & Surveillance Facility (FACSFAC) Virginia Beach / Vacapes - GIANTKILLER Update
A couple months ago I received an updated and confirmed list of frequencies used by FACSFAC Vacapes, VA (callsign: GIANTKILLER). I have just finally had the chance to get them online. These come from a local monitor in the area of Virginia Beach.
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HAVEQUICK Time Ticks, What they sound like.
01/28/2014 @ 1430 EST This is what the HAVEQUICK timing ticks sounds like for the HAVEQUICK frequency hopping system. DRAGNET is in the area, probably who is transmitting the timing ticks for both SNAKES and FANGS in the area. 287.450 MHz is the frequency these were recorded in.
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537 Audio Files of Navy's COMPTUEX Exercise now OnLine!
From 11/27/2013 thru 12/17/2013 the USS George HW Bush (CVN-77) Carrier Strike Group was off the Central Florida coast conducting a Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX). Air Carrier Wing Eight (CVW-8) along with the entire strike group made for 3 weeks of excellent and intense radio comms on the UHF Military Aviation Band.

I recorded all the searched frequncies I found. 537 Audio Files were created and many hours of VOX style audio were captured during this 3 week event. You'll enjoy live bombing runs, inflight comms, air-air chit-chat and hours of exciting Military communictions as it was recorded live from the Central Florida Coast.
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Aircraft Carrier, Air Wing and Squadron Assignment Database
I've created a database with Aircraft Carriers and their assigned Air Wing & Squadron assignments. Squadron data includes known aircraft type & radio call signs. This chart can help identify what Aircraft Carrier you are hearing flight operations from. While not a perfect method it does work most of the time.
UPDATE: Tail Number series has been included for the East Coast carriers.
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Pinecastle Range Complex Details, Frequencies, and Photos
For detailed information about the Pinecastle Range including Rodman Range & Lake George Range please check out the new page I've added to the website. Included are maps, photos, details and frequencies.
Click Here for FULL STORY

How You Can Have Your Own Aircraft Radar System for $20.00
I've been having a lot of fun with TV Dongles. These are great devices for only $20.00. In this article I've explained how I'm using a $20 dongle, a 6" antenna, and free software to setup my own Aircraft Radar system! Update: After reading this article Brian Cathcart, author of "South Florida Frequency & Trunking Guide - NEW 14th Edition", was on a trip to New York City. Setting up the Dongle with the 6" antenna from his 5th floor motel room he sent a nice screen capture of what he was receiving. Check it out in the article.
Click Here for FULL STORY

Military & Civilian Mode-S Hexcode Database
I now have included a searchable database containing over 8,000 Military and 333,000 Civilian Mode-S Hexcodes.
Click Here for FULL STORY

MilAir Spotters Network - What is it?
This is the best, all inclusive tool for MilAir Monitors on the network! Please read more about it and start using it, everyone will realize a big benifit!
Click Here for FULL STORY

Over 7,000 Airport Frequencies Searchable by Airport or Your Zipcode!
I just added over 7,000 US Civil and Military airport frequencies to the MilAirComms database. You can search for airport frequencies (VHF & UHF) by airport identifier (example KDAB, KJFK...) or by your zipcode. The zipcode feature is very helpful, just enter your zipcode and a radius around your zipcode and the search will return every airport frequency within the range you defined.
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