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MilAir Spotters Network

12/19/14 23:36:34 UTC
267.265 MHz
Thor flight working with Desert Radio in R2502N
12/19/14 21:01:46 UTC
27.185 MHz
it is a joke that people pay money to radioreference
12/19/14 20:56:26 UTC
27.185 MHz
Anyone get a postcard or christmas card from fetter?
12/19/14 20:54:56 UTC
27.185 MHz
Dont you mean"radioretarted"?
12/19/14 17:55:39 UTC
11.175 MHz
JINX 73 200m west of Memphis 4 ph patch. C17 Lakehurst

MilAir Frequency Updates

12/20/14 08:25:28 UTC
34.700 MHz
12/20/14 08:25:26 UTC
34.700 MHz
12/19/14 23:42:14 UTC
267.265 MHz
Desert Radio Frequency for R2502
12/16/14 02:49:12 UTC
27.185 MHz
George scamming, fraud. taking your money to fund his hobby
12/09/14 23:50:13 UTC
291.6 MHz
Joshua Approach Control/Edwards AFB
12/08/14 15:45:41 UTC
338.9500 MHz
just open carrier. no voice. probably tacamo aircraft near my airspace.
12/03/14 12:40:59 UTC
311.000 MHz
This frequency is primary for MAINEiac Operations and Command Post located at KBGR.

MilAir Callsign Updates

11/20/14 07:51:17 UTC
Reddog 41. Cobra Helo. Stillwater, OK
11/16/14 13:03:23 UTC
This website because George needs the money
11/15/14 16:38:44 UTC
Reddog 41. Cobra Helo. Stillwater, OK
11/14/14 01:45:25 UTC
George Fetter New Call
11/12/14 13:10:45 UTC
What George said when the sheriff showed up to take him away
11/11/14 11:06:03 UTC
10/29/14 23:25:53 UTC
Working R2515 at 120 thousand, at less than jet airspeed. Hex AE272C

Welcome to the best source for MilAir information.
I've been a SWL'er, Scanner Enthusiast, and Military Air Communications hobbyist since 1976. My mission statement is to bring the world of radio to as many people as possible. This is where you can learn to set up a listening station and get started in the exciting world of radios.

If you would like to learn more about me, see a picture of my station, please Click Here. This might give you some ideas of how you can improve your station.

I strive to provide you with the best source of FREE information regarding Military Air Comms as possible. There has never been a fee and never will be a fee for the information provided on this website.

Never putting lives of First Responders at risk in the name of Profit like that other website!

Why give RadioReference your scanner audio for free? You paid big money for your scanners. RadioReference sells your free audio for big money API license fees so anyone with an Obama Phone can listen for free!


I heard a Balloon Based Military Communication Repeater - SkySat
On 8/20/2014 I started hearing FM comms on 238.375 MHz. After hearing callsigns such as Apache Base, Sky Sat Launch, and Combat Sky Sat my research turned up an interesting Military Communications Platform that I was listening to. Check out the article complete with recorded audio and video of the telemetry signal.
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EAM & ORDERWIRE on UHF - Malaysia Airlines 777 Shoot Down Related?
At 2150 UTC today I started hearing EAM messages on UHF 323.800 MHz, this is very rare!. Also an hour before the EAM an E-4B (Doomsday) aircraft appears on my mode-s receiver descending. I would guess he is landing at Patrick AFB (about 40 miles south of me). This isn't that rare, but today? Add to that a E-6B TACAMO aircraft also appears on my Mode-S about same time as the EAM message, probably who was broadcasting the EAM. The tone you hear in the background is that of the ORDERWIRE (WBFM) system on frequency 338.950 MHz

Not to mention at the same time an E-8C (JSTAR) out of Robbins AFB appears on Mode-S.

Could this all be related to todays shoot down? Wanna take bets!
Click Here for to Hear the Audio

Plot Line of Sight Distance from Your Location to Aircraft at Various Altitudes on a Map
I put together a Line-of-Sight Calculate that will plot on a map your line of sight distance to aircraft at different altitudes. Simply enter your Zipcode and the system will plot you a map of how far out you should be able to hear aircraft at various altitudes from 5,000' to 40,000'.
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How You Can Use Mode-S Data to Better Your MilAir Listening Experience
I put together a small article that will explain what Mode-S data is and how I make use of it in the hobby of MilAir Scanning. If you've never understood why some MilAir listeners post mode-s logs on various groups this might give you an insight of just how valuable this data can be.
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NOW You can See More Mode-S Detail by Sharing Your Mode-S Data with
MilAirComms is looking for others who would like to see more details then ever before on their Mode-S data. We now provide a page where you can see live-real-time Altitude and Signal Strength graphs of all Mode-S data sent to our site. Our Mode-S data page contains more detail, is updated more quickly (15 seconds or less!), and has more details than other Mode-S sharing sites offer. Once we get more volunteers sharing their data we will be adding mapping displays showing aircraft flights between various ground stations. This will give you the ability to track military aircraft even though they're not broadcasting their lat/long.
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Real-Time Military Mode-S Data.
I've been experimenting with custom software I wrote and have running on the Raspberry Pi computer that collects and decodes Mode-S data received from an RTL-SDR Dongle. The Raspberry Pi has stored on it a database of known Military Hexcodes, determines if the received Mode-S message is of interest and sends the data to my MilAir Mode-S Logger page. Both the logger page and the Raspberry Pi software are still in the experiment stages.
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Interactive Map of ARTCC / RCAG (Remote Center Air/Ground) Transmitter Sites.
I've created a map displaying 696 ARTCC / RCAG (Remote Center Air/Ground) transmitter sites. The map defaults to view all centers, or you can use the pull down menu and choose just the center you're interested in. If you click on the transmitter site a pop-up will be displayed with the frequencies used at that site. If you zoom in on the site you should be (in most cases) able to make out the antenna farm.
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Use a Raspberry Pi to Broadcast Internet Streams to Your FM Radio
In this project I'll descripe the steps to turn your Raspberry Pi computer into a low power FM broadcast transmitter. The must useful aspect of this project I've found was to broadcast online scanner streams to an FM radio so I can listen anywhere in the house. Works great with & streams.
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HAVEQUICK Military Radio System: What it Is, What it Isn't + Frequencies & Video
In this article I hope to give you a better understanding on what the Military HAVEQUICK radio system is, how it works, and what it's not. Also included is a frequency listing for the HAVEQUICK frequencies used in the United States as well as a video / audio of an AWACS TOD (Time-of-Day) signal.
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Updated 3/13/2014 Streaming Your Scanner Audio Using a $35 Raspberry Pi Computer without Using Your Main Computer!
Have you ever wanted to stream live scanner audio but didn't want to tie-up your main computer? If so, then this project is for you! This project uses a $35.00 computer, USB Soundcard, and wifi connection to stream your scanner audio to any Icecast server. Since its a small computer (slightly larger than a credit card!) and wifi, you could sit this computer ontop of your scanner anywhere in the house where you can receive a wifi signal from your router.

Update 3/13/2014: I just successfully connected 2 USB Sound Cards and streamed 2 different scanners via the Raspberry Pi. This info has been added to the article.
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Cheap SDR Dongle Connected to a Raspberry Pi Computer for a Self-Contained Audio Streaming Device
I put together this device so I can stream audio over the internet without dedicating a "real" computer to the process. It is a stand-along system I'm still playing with but making progress. I've written an article on how you can build and use one as well.
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Recorded Audio from Possible NASA Flight Testing? Callsign PROJECT
For the last two days I've run into what sounds like flight testing on 229.000 MHz. Yesterday an aircraft, callsign PROJECT, started with a cuban eight maneuver then called remaining fuel. He did a total of 10 maneuvers, each time calling out fuel. Then he was done. Today same aircraft was talking about 'max roll', talking about reviewing tapes, and a lot of talk about gimbels. I believe this is a frequency used by NASA, and I"m about 30 miles north of Kennedy Space Center.
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Movie of Typical MilAir Scanning in Central Florida (Daytona Beach)
This was today (02/06/2014 around 9 AM) just a small sample of UHF Military Comms heard here in Central Florida. For those who are running out of things to hear on the Public Safety bands due to encryption, give MilAir monitoring a try, far less encrypted stuff! What you're seeing and hearing on the scanners in the video is really a typical day. There are many times I run out of scanners. currently 12 in the shack, 8 scanners in full time search mode, the BCT15x scans a few banks of freq common to the area.
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Fleet Area Control & Surveillance Facility (FACSFAC) Virginia Beach / Vacapes - GIANTKILLER Update
A couple months ago I received an updated and confirmed list of frequencies used by FACSFAC Vacapes, VA (callsign: GIANTKILLER). I have just finally had the chance to get them online. These come from a local monitor in the area of Virginia Beach.
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MilAir Spotters Network - What is it?
This is the best, all inclusive tool for MilAir Monitors on the network! Please read more about it and start using it, everyone will realize a big benifit!
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