Iraq War Map Room.
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These maps have been obtained from various on and off line sources. There has been no top secrets released as these are maps which are in the public domain. I suggest you print these out and keep them by your side when listening to news on TV or Shortwave. With these maps you'll get a better idea of where places are located in the Iraq and Middle East area.

I was really suprised at how many people really didn't know that Kuwait bordered Iraq to the south. This is basic information you'll need in order to understand where people are. Did you know that Baghdad is only 300 miles north of the Kuwait border! Its not a big country! The Iraq Map Room
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Iraq Small Map Small map of the area with cities and bording countries.
Iraq General Road Map Large map of Iraq and bordering countries. Map has major roads, rivers, dams, and airports marked.
Entire Middle Eastern Region General Road Map Large map of the entire Middle Eastern Region. Map has major roads, rivers, dams, and airports marked. This map also has airports markes in relation to runway size.
Detailed City Map of Baghdad created 2003 Large city map of Baghdad. Map includes detail of the Saddam Internaional Airport and the locations of the Presidential Palaces.
AeroChart of the Al Basra Area
Iraq's Ballistic-Missile-Related Facilities updated 2002
Iraq's Chemical Weapons Product Facilities updated 2002

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