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Live Streaming Audio

To access live audio Click Here.

Sometimes on the weekends when there is little MilAir activity
I'll stream the Volusia County (Daytona Beach, FL) talk-group.

Scroll to down to see list of Callsigns you'll hear

Here is the setup for live audio streaming. In the picture below you'll see 10 scanners, however only the 6 scanners (all BC-789-XLT's) on the middle shelf are actually being streamed. The audio out of each of these 6 scanners feed the New Communications Solutions NCS-3230 Multi-RX device. This is the device on the bottom row with 6 red LED's across. The NCS-3230 has a single 'record line' output which is feed to the soundcard of the laptop computer you see at the right. This laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L505 which has a 2.2GHz CPU, 4GB of ram and running Windows 7 operating system. The laptop is running Microsofts Expression Encoder 4 software (you can see it running in the picture) which handles the streaming to the internet. You can see picture of the entire shack by Clicking Here.

Scanner/Streaming Set-Up. Click on image to enlarge

I get alot of questions on how I have my antennas arranged, if I have 10 antennas since I have 10 scanners. Well, no, I don't have 10 scanner antennas, I only have 2. Each scanner is connected to either a Stridsberg MCA208 or MCA204 amplified multi-coupler. See photo below. The multi-coupler isolates each scanner's antenna input from the other scanners as well as amplifies the RF by about 3dB to overcome the loss of more than 1 scanner connected to the same antenna. In the photo below I have have the MCA204 (4 port) coupler connected to a Create Log-Periodic 5130-2N antenna. The MCA208 (8 port) coupler is connected to an Antennacraft Scantenna (Model ST-2). For a review and more info on the Stridsberg Multi-Coupler I have a review Here.

Antenna Multi-Coupler Setup

Callsigns and Areas Being Streamed Live
Florida Air National Guard F15's out of Jacksonville, FL. They are usually doing training offshore FL/GA coast in a warning area controlled by SEALORD (Fleet Area Control & Surveillance Facility Jacksonville, FL) For more info, maps, and freqs of FACSFAC Jax click here
SHARK ## & MAKO ##
F-16's out of Homestead Airforce Base just south of Miami FL. They are usually doing training in the Avon Park Bombing range. For more info, maps, and freqs of Avon Park Range click here

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