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March 2011 Secret Service Update:
Since the last time I monitored a Presidential visit (2002) I received information regarding 2 new frequencies being used on the Presidential Protection Detail by the Secret Service. These are 167.0375 MHz and 167.0125 MHz.
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Photos and Freqs of Airforce One/SecretService of Presidential visit to Daytona Beach 1/30/2002 - 1/31/2002

On 1/30/2002 President George W. Bush arrived in Daytona Beach, FL at about 1830 EST. Of course any "scanner nut" or "aviation buff" would be jumping at the chance to see Airforce One or monitor Secret Service communications. After doing some research I did find a list of Secret Service frequencies. I loaded up the scanners and started listening. Sorry to say but all the freqs were digitally scrambled except for one communication. On the day before Bush arrived the Secret Service "Advance Team" was in town and I did hear one transmission which was simply "Test Test Testing". Below you'll find a table with Secret Service frequencies, the ones in bold I had heard digitally scrambled comms on. After more research it appears that the Secret Services does not always operate in this mode. So if the President is coming to your town load up your scanner and you might get lucky and catch a non digital transmission.

Something very interesting I noticed about the Black Chevy (see picture below) which had many different antennas on it. This vehicle is know as The War Wagon. The War Wagon was two cars behind the President in the motorcade. On the back bumper there were two (one on each corner) long (maybe 102") whip antennas. At the bottom of one there was a large box or possibly a loading coil. Appears this is a low frequency antenna of some kind. When I refer to a low frequency I mean lower than normal VHF/UHF. Maybe an HF antenna???

While I was inquiring as to frequencies used by Secret Service one person responded saying that when the President was in their town he could not even hear the local police which were involved with the motorcade. Here in Daytona Beach our police have 3 different trunk systems (Click Here for Frequencies & TalkGroups). There is a system you'll see labled "Daytona Beach". It appeared this system is ONLY used for special events. I was able to follow the entire Presidential Motorcade on this system. It also appeared that the Secret Service agents at the motel also had access to this system. A few strange callsigns and voices I've never heard on Daytona Beach Police channels were heard, I'm assuming this was Secret Service. So, if your city has a trucking system for events that is where you might catch the local police on special detail during a Presidential visit. Today (1/31/02) talk groups 14-001, 14-010 (Actual police in motorcade), and 14-014 (secret service at motel?) were in use.

Communications between Airforce One and ARTCC (Jacksonville in this case), Daytona Approach were all in the clear and on standard VHF Civil Air frequncies. The UHF MilAir frequencies were NOT used. One interesting note, Daytona Approach did not hand off Airforce One to the tower, approach worked him clear down to landing.

Below you'll find photos I had taken of this event. Both photos of the motorcade as well as Airforce One. Simply click on the photo to view the full size photo. These were taken on 35mm file and later scanned. Sorry to say by the actual photos are much better than the scanned images. Have fun, I sure did!

Picture of Presidential Visit
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Airforce One - SAM29000 Taxi For Takeoff 1/31/2002 Airforce One - SAM29000 Taxi For Takeoff 1/31/2002
Close up of Nose Close up of Nose
Click to Enlarge this photo and take note of large whip and loading coil on back bumper! This vehicle is known as "The War Wagon". Men on Roof overlooking AirForce One - Secret Service.
And here is President Bush! And here is President Bush!
Oh What Secrets does This Tail Hide?!?!? Airforce One on Takeoff Roll.
Airforce One on Takeoff Roll. Airforce One on Takeoff Roll.

Secret Service Frequencies 1/30 & 1/31/2002
Bold Frequencies actually heard.
Frequency (AM) Description
32.2300 WHCA Transportation
166.5125 Escort and security
165.7875 Field Offices/Escorts
165.3750 Field Offices Primary/Command post
169.9250 WHCA vans/Phone Patch/Marine Service Detail
407.8500 Airforce 1 Phone Patch Uplink
415.7000 Airforce 1 Phone Patch Downlink
166.4000 Field Office 'Charlie' Repeater Input
165.6875 WHCA VP Staff/Garage
166.2125 Presidential Protection
167.9000 WHCA VP Staff/Garage
166.2000 Presidential Protection
407.9250 Presidential Protection
170.0000 Camp David Paging
167.8250 Phone Duplex
168.7875 Phone Duplex
165.2125 VIP Protection
166.7000 Whitehouse Staff
164.8875 Presidential Protection (Primary)
164.4000 Field Office/Whitehouse Partimeter Patrols
166.7000 White House Staff
166.4000 'Xray' Repeater Input
165.5125 Whitehouse Staff/Pagers
164.6500 Presidential Protection
165.0875 Airforce 1 Communications
361.6000 Airforce 1 Communications
164.1000 Presidential Protection
167.0250 Paging - this did sound like normal paging signals
166.4625 Treasury Common
162.6875 Airforce 1 Phone Patch Uplink
171.2875 Airforce 1 Phone Patch Uplink
407.8500 Limousines
408.4500 Limousines
415.7500 WHCA-Training division
407.8750 WHCA-Training division
415.1000 WHCA-Training division
418.3250 WHCA-Training division
414.8000 WHCA-Training/protective support divisions
415.8750 WHCA-Training division
415.8000 WHCA-Protective support division
415.6750 WHCA-Communications division
419.0750 WHCA-Communications division
415.6750 WHCA-Executive protection division
414.9500 WHCA-Executive protection division
414.8500 WHCA-Foreign Mission divisions
414.8500 WHCA-Uniformed division
418.8000 WHCA-Uniformed division
415.9750 WHCA-Foreign Mission/Uniformed divisions
419.7250 WHCA-Foreign Mission/Uniformed divisions
415.6500 WHCA-Foreign Mission/Uniformed divisions
419.1000 WHCA-Foreign Mission/Uniformed divisions
418.3500 WHCA-Uniformed division
407.7500 WHCA-Uniformed division
418.7750 WHCA-Uniformed division
414.9500 WHCA-Uniformed division
414.6750 WHCA-Uniformed/Technical security divisions
418.1500 WHCA-Uniformed/Technical security divisions
419.7250 WHCA-Technical security division
163.7375 Secret Service
165.2250 Secret Service
407.8000 Secret Service
46.7500 Helicopter ops/transport (primary)
46.7000 Helicopter ops (secondary)
46.8000 Helicopter ops (alternate)
34.3500 VIP transport net
375.0000 Transport
142.7500 Command post
265.8000 Squadron common
407.8500 Limousines (local-DC)(duplex)
408.4500 Limousines (local-DC)(duplex)
408.0000 F1 RF Alarm
411.0000 F2 RF Alarm
408.5000 F3 Tracker (F1)
408.9750 F4 Tracker (F2)
406.2625 Wireless body microphones
407.8250 Wireless body microphones
407.8750 Wireless body microphones
407.9750 Wireless body microphones