Open or closed shipping What should you choose?

Open or closed shipping What should you choose?

When you ship your car there are two options that most car companies will offer with vehicle transport. These two options usually refer to open shipping and shipment. Both types of shipping have their advantages and their disadvantages when it comes to shipping a vehicle. But it depends entirely on the type of vehicle you deliver as well as the different needs that accompany that vehicle. In this article we will look at both these types of transports that provide you with professionals and aids that will help you understand what option to bring your vehicle.

Open car transport

Open carriers are the most common way to travel when moving a vehicle the well known 10 car transports. As you may know if you have seen one of these carriers before leaving the vehicles that they have wide open to the outside unlike their closed counterparts it is said that they are usually the best option when transporting most types of vehicle. The reason for this is that they are the more accessible mode of transport with the option of being easily accessible so the price for transporting your vehicle in this way comes in price as most companies offer this mode of transport. The main case of this type of carrier is that your previously mentioned vehicle is completely open to all items and where most companies strive to ensure that your vehicle reaches you exactly the way it was left with the company there are a few occasions where the vehicle will get wet from rain or dust or at worst your vehicle can get a scraper from kicked junk from vehicles around them. Another problem that may arise from open carriers is the risk of fluid leakage from the other vehicles sent with yours if a chance that someone has carelessly sent their vehicle knowing that it is wrong the leakage of liquids on your vehicle may be wrong. now most companies are making sure that convertibles and vehicles with cloth plates are loaded onto the top rack of the carrier plate to avoid this type of problem.

Enclosed car transport

While closed transport is not as common as the counterparty it is still a very popular method for freight vehicles as they tend to offer a much safer method of sending your car because they are not exposed to the elements nor are they placed in two places as if they would be in an open carrier. Tucked carriers also tend to offer a greater insurance coverage because the vehicle is not being discouraged with all items and trash as with open carriers. Another advantage of closed carriers is if you have a special modified vehicle that is classified as low clearance then they can be loaded into the carrier because they can be loaded with a scissor lift instead of a ramp on open carriers. The main drawbacks with this option for car shipping is that it is not as accessible as its open based counterparty with this issue you may need to provide more advanced warning to arrange delivery another major drawback with this kind of shipping depends on the smaller number Of these carriers the price is much higher sometimes as much as 100% more expensive.

So you now have all the basic information about each of the different car carrier types but what car carrier is right for you? All of this depends on the type of vehicle you send if its your average family car since in most cases open transport is the one youre going to join but if youre transporting a vintage show car youll want to transport your vehicle in a closed carrier because this gives a much lower risk of damage to your car.

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