Shipping to New Zealand Important information you should know before container shipping abroad

Shipping to New Zealand Important information you should know before container shipping abroad

New Zealand includes several islands including the North Island also known as Te IkaaMaui along with Te Waipounamu or South Island. While the capital of New Zealand is Wellington is the countrys largest city and largest freight port Auckland. New Zealand is also home to many medium and small shipping ports some of which include Port Chalmers Port of Westport Port of Napier and Marsden Point.

If you are interested in international shipping to New Zealand there is some mandatory documentation that you need to know in advance. This includes your original passport and some type of proof of residence and employment. You may also need to indicate that you have transferred money to New Zealand.

You must either live in New Zealand or think of being permanently resident.

You must have lived outside of New Zealand for at least 21 months before returning.

You must have used the goods you ship to New Zealand earlier because new goods do not qualify for duty free shipping.

The goods you ship to New Zealand must only be used for personal use.

You can send household items from the deceaseds goods as long as a copy of the death certificate and testament is available to customs officials.

Keep in mind that if your shipping is forwarded to New Zealand before arriving in the country New Zealands Customs Authority will require a point of view. This means that the customs officers will inspect the shipment and require a deposit on the insured value until you can prove entry to New Zealand at what time the deposit will be refunded.

If smoke is required for your shipping to New Zealand you are expected to pay the fee for this service. Transmissions may also require quarantine inspection. This is determined during the closing process and if required you will be expected to cover the fees.

You can expect to pay fees for the goods you ship to New Zealand. For example you are required to pay fees for any new items that you ship.

If you send alcoholic beverages and tobacco products as part of a typical household content or as part of a collectors basement these goods can be imported on duty and taxfree basis as long as you are a firsttime immigrant to New Zealand or a resident of New Zealand returning to the country after missing at least 21 months or more.

Regulated and limited goods for international delivery to New Zealand

If you ship to New Zealand some items may be highly regulated or limited. For example depending on the type radio broadcasting equipment can not match New Zealand radio frequency service.

There are also very special rules about firearms and ammunition to New Zealand. Firearms and ammunition are strictly controlled in New Zealand and a police permit is required if you are interested in sending these goods. Please note that all firearms and ammunition sent to New Zealand must be packed separately. You must individually list these items on the shipping list and pack it on the front of the freight container for easy access to customs officials.

Additionally if you are interested in firearms to New Zealand make sure you contact New Zealand Police Department on arrival to obtain the necessary permits. New Zealand Customs Officers will not give you approval on the total shipment until this necessary documentation has been received from the police.

If you are interested in delivering food and agricultural products to New Zealand keep in mind that there are some strict rules. Because of this agricultural inspection in New Zealand may take a couple of days. If smoking is required it may take seven days or more.

Items made of bamboo sugar cane or rattan regardless of origin will be carefully inspected and it will be dirt if it is infected.

Note that wood used to crate your load must be free of bark insects and any signs of fungus. Plan to send a timber certificate with your shipping documents.

The holder of a permanent residence permit in New Zealand may for the first time import a vehicle that is exempt from import license fee and GST free as long as the vehicle is owned one year before departure to New Zealand will not be sold for two years once imported into New Zealand and is for the customers own personal purposes only and not for sale gift or disposal in any other way.

If you move with a spouse you and your spouse will both import a vehicle as long as you both have valid driving licenses and can prove personal ownership and use of the vehicle as above.

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